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About BRCF

The Blue Rose Cancer Foundation was brought to life with the vision of providing mental health support to individuals who have undergone Cancer treatment or are currently undergoing treatment.

We are partnering with teams specializing in Oncology and Mental Health Departments to make programs more accessible to everyone. All proceeds go towards funding cancer research and these programs of support.

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"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."

C.C. Scott

Our Mission


Bringing awareness for patients, family members and loved ones who are experiencing the stress and mental trauma from a fight against cancer. Cancer is a team battle and we aspire to make sure no one feels alone in their fight.

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We Need Your Support Today!

Our Mission
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Our initiative is to raise awareness for programs designated in providing support around mental health issues that may arise from battling Cancer. The foundation looks to raise funds through the proceeds of fundraising efforts in which we will host events, seminars alongside community involvement and by partnering with entities that will enable us to assist patients in their fight against cancer pertaining to mental health issues. BRCF will raise funds and collaborate with institutions that will work with programs designed by the Blue Rose Cancer Foundation in conjunction with their partners to assist patients through the means of psychology and/or programs to promote healthy habits.

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